Offres d’emploi et de financement

PhD position available in Computational Biology

The lab of Computational Biology at IBDM, Marseille ( is looking for a highly motivated PhD student to work on the development of –omics data integration and visualization techniques in the course of an ANR-grant on ‘chronic pain’. In the (...)

PhD student position on Molecular mechanisms of muscle lineage reprogramming

in the group of Dr. Christoph Schaub at the Division of Developmental Biology of the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. The position will start at the earliest possible date and will be limited to three years with a possible extension. The Schaub group is interested in the molecular mechanisms that regulate (...)

Identification of pathways influencing crowding induced death

An ERC funded postdoc position is available in the research group “Cell death and epithelial homeostasis” in the department of Developmental and Stem Cell biology of the Institut Pasteur in Paris (France). We are generally interested by the regulation of cell death in epithelial context and its (...)

Transcriptomic approaches to identify novel players in the Nodal and BMP signalling pathways during dorsal-ventral and left-right patterning

We are looking for postdocs and PhD students to work on the role of TGF beta signaling during morphogenesis of the sea urchin embryo. Research in our lab is focused on how morphogens of the TGF beta superfamily such as Nodal and BMPs pattern the dorsal-ventral and left-right axes of the sea (...)

Postdoc position in Cell Development Biology at CRBM-CNRS/University of Montpellier

A 2-year postdoc position is available in the team of Francois Fagotto to participate to a new project on intercellular migration, i.e. the property of cells to migrate within a tissue, thus allowing its dynamic remodelling. The project will focus on the regulation of the actin cytoskeleton and (...)