EMBO Practical Course "Multilevel Modelling of Morphogenesis", Norwich, UK  

par  Svetlana

Venue : John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK
Course Duration : 16 – 28 July 2017


Main Course Objective :

Understanding the multi-level nature and feedbacks involved in
biological development requires an integrated, systems biology
approach. This practical course will provide students with the
theoretical background and the hands-on tools that are needed to enter
this rapidly growing area of science. The methods and techniques
taught in this practical course are essential for unravelling the
complexities that come from interactions between different levels of
biological organisation and the non-linearity of the biological

Target Audience :

This practical course is aimed at experimental biologists with an
interest to understand and explore how the complexity of biological
systems can be dealt with within a mathematical or computational
framework, *and* at computationally and mathematically oriented
students interested in learning leading-edge computational techniques
that can be applied to gain insights in developmental biology.

How to Apply :

Please register online at
stating your motivation for applying and brief research interests.

Applications will be limited to 24 students and successful applicants
will be selected from the described motivation and research
interests. Accommodation and full board will be provided.

*Application Deadline :* April 07, 2017.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Norwich !

Veronica Grieneisen, Nick Monk, Enrico Coen and Stan Maree