Postdoctoral Position in Developmental Neurobiology Institut de la Vision, Paris, France 

A postdoctoral research position is available in the “Development of neural circuits” group led by Jean Livet at Institut de la Vision in Paris. Our lab is interested in understanding how the cells that compose neural circuits are generated, differentiate and interconnect during development. We develop and use new genetic engineering and imaging approaches to track neural cells in situ and reveal their lineage (see Neuron 2014, 81 : 505-20 ; Nature Methods 2012, 9:815-8 ; Nature 2007, 450:56-62). The proposed project consists in improving and applying these approaches to decipher principles of neural tissue development at the cellular level, focusing on the mouse cerebral cortex. Our general aim is to address how cortical progenitors share the making of the cerebral cortex and how their neurogenic activity is regulated.

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a Ph.D. and expertise in developmental neurobiology, molecular biology and/or optical microscopy. Previous experience with cortical development and associated methodologies such as time-lapse imaging or in utero electroporation will be a plus.
The 3-year position is funded by ERC (European Research Council), available immediately. For more information about the lab and our projects, please visit : (
Institut de la Vision is a multidisciplinary research center created in 2008 in the vibrant 12th district of Paris, affiliated to INSERM, University Paris 6 (UPMC) and CNRS. The institute comprises groups in developmental biology, genetics, physiology and therapeutics and has excellent core facilities.

To apply, please send a CV, a brief statement of your research experience and interests as well as contact information for two references to jean.livet chez