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Call of the Société Française de Biologie du...

dimanche 14 octobre 2018, par SFBD

Call of the Société Française de Biologie du Développement (SFBD) for the Thesis price 2019 !

The SFBD Thesis price is awarded every year during the annual meeting of the Society, under the generous sponsoring of ZEISS. The laureate is invited to present her/his work in a plenary session and will receive the amount of 1500€. Registration, accommodation and transport costs are covered by the SFBD. Depending on the quality of applicants, one or two accessory prices could also be attributed (500€ each) by the committee.
Every young doctor, member of the SFBD, can postulate. The application sould be sent at with all documents included in one unique pdf file :
-  the CV of the candidate
-  A letter containing the Thesis summary and describing most relevant results, technical approaches and collaborations, originality of the work and contribution to the field of investigation, with particular emphasis in Developmental Biology (4 pages max, including illustrations).
-  A pdf of the PhD manuscript, with all articles posted at BioRxiv, submited or published since the PhD defense
-  A supporting letter from the PhD supervisor, highlighting the intellectual and experimental contribution of the candidate

Procedure of selection. Two to four Thesis will be pre-selected by the administration council of the SFBD. At this step, important criteria to consider will be the general scope of the results (published or not) for the developmental biology, quality of the candidate letter, and intellectual contribution of the candidate for the presented results. A second committee of three members of the council (this sub-committee changes every year) will then design the laureates following in depth reading of the whole PhD manuscript. The quality of writing of the whole PhD manuscript and the relevance of the discussion will be more particularly evaluated during this second round of selection.

The 2019 Thesis price will be attributed in May 2019 and applies for every PhD defense that occurred during the period 01/07/2017 - 31/12/2018.
Deadline for applying : 31/01/2019.

Previous laureates :
2017 Thesis price (awarded in 2018) :
· Dr. Mathilde Dumond « Modélisation mécanique de la croissance cellulaire des sépales de plantes » (RDP, ENS Lyon, Dir. Arezki Boudaoud) Accessory prices :
· Dr. Samuel Collombet « Bioinformatique des réseaux de régulation génique au cours de l’haematopoièse » (ENS, Paris, Dir. Denis Thieffry)
· Dr. Gantas Perez-Mocus « Rôle de l’E3-ubiquitin ligase Neuralized (Neur) dans plusieurs processus embryonnaires chez la Drosophile » (I. Pasteur, Paris, Dir. François Schweisguth)

2016 Thesis price (awarded in 2017) :
· Dr. Antoine Ducuing, « Signalisation et morphogenèse pendant la fermeture dorsale chez la
Drosophile » (ENS Lyon, Dir. S. Vincent)

2015 Thesis price (awarded in 2016) :
· Dr. Gilles Storelli « Caractérisation de l’interaction mutualiste liant Drosophila melanogaster à son symbionte Lactobacillus plantarum » (IGFL, ENS Lyon, Dir. François Leulier)