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FINANCEMENT DE THESE : Cell fate and blade patterning during the early growth of Saccharina latissima sporophytes (“Cartographie des destins cellulaires dans les jeunes sporophytes en croissance de l’algue brune Saccharina latissima”)

dimanche 29 avril 2018, par Geraldine

Deadline for application : 20 May 2018.
Starting/ End date : October 2018 / September 2021
Salary : 1422€ net per month

Supervision :
• Team 1 : Bénédicte Charrier, team « Morphogenesis of MacroAlgae » (MMA), SBR, CNRS-SU, France
• Team 2 (co-funding) : Hilde-Gunn Opsahl Sorteberg, Institute for Plant Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU), Norway

PhD student will work at least one year in each country and will be awarded both Norvegian and French PhD diploms.

Please send CV (with marks or ranking) + letter of motivation (1 page max) + 2 contact names for references to Bénédicte Charrier (benedicte.charrier chez AND Hilde-Gunn Sorteberg (hilde-gunn.sorteberg chez

Background and General objectives
Brown algae are a group of photosynthetic multicellular organisms phylogenetically distant from metozaons, land plants and green and red algae. They emerged relatively recently ( 200 Mya) compared to the other, better known, multicellular organisms. Genome analyses showed that they share genes so far identified as specific for metazoans or for land plants, in addition to many "novel" genes. Saccharina latissima is a large brown alga ("kelp") growing along the European Atlantic coasts, which is currently abundantly studied at the physiological and population genetics levels because of its economical interests. The cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the key steps of its morphogenesis are unknown.