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Two post-doctoral positions in mRNA regulation and development, at IGH Montpellier

dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Two post-doctoral positions funded by the Labex EpiGenMed and ANR are available in the group mRNA Regulation and Development at the Institute of Human Genetics in Montpellier. Our lab works on gene regulation at the mRNA level during development and diseases, in the Drosophila model. We have described the role of Piwi-interacting RNAs (piRNAs), a specific class of small non-coding RNAs, in gene regulation for several developmental processes. This function was unexpected because piRNAs were thought to be specific to the regulation of transposable elements. piRNAs and PIWI proteins are highly expressed in germ cells and stem cell lineages. In addition, piRNAs and/or PIWI
proteins are ectopically expressed in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. The post-doctoral projects concern :
1) Functions of the piRNA pathway in germline stem cells.
2) Role of the piRNA pathway and ribosomal RNAs in the genetic disease Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy.

The Institute of Human Genetics provides a very stimulating and international research environment ; it is fully endowed with state-of-the-art scientific equipment. The Institute is located in Montpellier, an international city in the South of France.
We are looking for very motivated and ambitious candidates with strong expertise in Drosophila genetics, imaging, metabolism, or RNA biology.
Candidates should apply by sending a CV, a short outline of current projects, and contact information of two to three references to Martine Simonelig.
Expected starting date of the contracts : Early 2018.

Selected publications of the lab, related to the projects :
Dufourt, Bontonou, Chartier, Jahan, Meunier, Pierson, Harrison, Papin, Beilharz, Simonelig. piRNAs and Aubergine cooperate with Wispy poly(A) polymerase to stabilize mRNAs in the germ plasm (2017) Nature Communications, 8, 1305

Rojas-Rios, Chartier, Pierson, Simonelig. Aubergine and piRNAs promote germline stem cell self-renewal by repressing the proto-oncogene Cbl (2017) EMBO Journal, 36, 3194-3211

Rojas Ríos*, Chartier*, Pierson, Séverac, Dantec, Busseau, Simonelig. Translational control of autophagy by Orb in the Drosophila germline (2015) Developmental Cell, 35, 622-631

Barckmann, Pierson, Dufourt, Papin, ..., Curk, Simonelig. Aubergine iCLIP reveals piRNA-dependent decay of mRNAs involved in germ cell development in the early embryo (2015) Cell Reports, 12, 1205-16

Chartier *, Klein *, Pierson , Barbezier, ..., Trollet, Simonelig. Mitochondrial dysfunction reveals the role of mRNA poly(A) tail regulation in oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy pathogenesis (2015) PLoS Genetics, 11, e1005092

Rouget, Papin, Boureux, Meunier, Franco, Robine, Lai, Pélisson, Simonelig. Maternal mRNA deadenylation and decay by the piRNA pathway in the early Drosophila embryo (2010) Nature, 467, 1128-1132

Contact : Martine Simonelig
mRNA Regulation and Development
Department Genetics and Development
Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier, France
Martine.Simonelig chez