PhD position available in Computational Biology, Marseille 

The lab of Computational Biology at IBDM, Marseille ( is looking for a highly motivated PhD student to work on the development of –omics data integration and visualization techniques in the course of an ANR-grant on ‘chronic pain’.
In the Myochronic project, we will explore the –omics landscape of developing chronic pain in a mouse model together with the research group of Aziz Moqrich at the IBDM ( Mice, which are mutant for a specific splice variant of Myosin develop chronic pain after injury. We want to unravel the molecular basis of this process by looking at the transcriptome, epigenome and proteome of mutant mice using different pain inducers.

As a PhD student, you will develop and implement data analysis and integration techniques to interpret the wealth of –omics data that will be available in the course of this project. A data analysis and visualization platform developed in the Habermann lab will serve as a starting point. In this PhD-project, you will also have the possibility to closely collaborate with a technical engineer performing wet-lab experiments. Thus, you will be an integral part of shaping the experimental strategy pursued during this project.

Being closely embedded in two research teams at the IBDM, you will be part of a vivid and highly stimulating research environment. You will in addition profit from association to the TAGC at the Luminy campus, whose core competence is in computational biology and whose researchers actively develop novel algorithms for –omics data analysis and integration.

The starting date of the PhD is ideally January 2018.

Bianca Habermann
bianca.habermann chez